Continuing Professional Development


As a Member of the ASNZ, you are required by Clause 5(vi) of the ASNZ Rules to sustain and expand your professional knowledge and capabilities. CPD submissions are due on 15 July every two years from a Member’s year of joining (refer to your Membership Certificate / Membership Number), but can be submitted from 1 July.

CPD aims to maintain and broaden Members’ knowledge and skills, and develop the necessary qualities for the application of professional duties throughout a Member’s working life. Members are obliged to submit Biennial (i.e. once every two years) records to maintain their status. A member is required to earn at least 50 CPD points over those two years.

There is no additional fee for taking part. The ASNZ will issue attendance certificates at all ASNZ conferences and seminars.
The ASNZ Code of Ethics applies.


The ASNZ (CPD) scheme is based on achieving goals. Relevant activities include attending conferences, seminars or courses, study, taking part in ASNZ activity and giving presentations.
The suggested professional development process is set out below.
1. Assess current situation
2. Identify and plan goals
3. Record CPD activities
4. Review progress 3 monthly to ensure target of 50 points per 2 years is achieved.
a) Acoustic knowledge
b) Application to practice in acoustics
c) Leadership and management
d) Professional conduct
Once you have filled out the CPD form send it to the secretary of the ASNZ.
Or fill out the on-line form.