ASNZ Membership


ASNZ Membership

Membership in the Acoustical Society of New Zealand is open to anybody interested in acoustics. The entry requirements differ depending whether you wish to apply to be a Member or Affiliate.


Apply to be a Member of the ASNZ if you are a professional working in the field of acoustics. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Acoustic Consultants
  • Environmental Health Officers
  • Acoustics Researchers/Academics
  • Acoustic Product Manufacturers

Members receive benefits including:

  • Inclusion on the Members Register
  • The title of MASNZ (Member of the Acoustical Society of New Zealand)
  • New Zealand Acoustics, the Quarterly journal published by the NZAS,
  • Direct notification of upcoming local events (meetings, lectures, seminars ...),
  • Regular mailing of Noise News International,
  • Reduced charges for local and national Society events,
  • Priority space allocation for trade stands at Society events,
  • Discounted rates on selected acoustics products.

To become a Member you must either:

  • hold a qualification in a field related to acoustics and have a minimum 3 years acoustics work experience, or
  • have more than 10 years acoustics work experience

If you do not meet these requirements or do not wish to join as Member, you can join ASNZ as an Affliate.

Note that Membership applications must be printed, filled in by hand, signed and returned to the Acoustical Society by post or email./p>

ASNZ Members are required to abide by the ASNZ Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Measures which sets out practice requirements for Members, including the fact that they must not undertake work outside their areas of expertise.


The phrase "suitably qualified acoustic engineer" is commonly used in NZ legislation relating to environmental noise and building acoustics. The Members Register is the full list of current ASNZ Members and is the only definitive record of suitably qualified acoustic engineers in New Zealand.
ASNZ does not publish the Members Register, but interested parties can submit an enquiry to determine whether a person is an ASNZ Member, thereby confirming that person meets the minimum qualification and experience requirements.


Apply to be an Affiliate of the ASNZ if you have a more causal interest in acoustics, or are a professional working in the field of acoustics who does not yet meet (or does not wish to prove that they meet) the requirements of Member.

Affiliates receive the same benefits as Members, but are not included on the Members Register and cannot use the MASNZ title.


The Acoustical Society changed its Rules, Rules of Conduct, and its name (was previously the New Zealand Acoustical Society (NZAS), effective 1st July 2011. The change was primarily to incorporate the new membership regime.

There are links below to the revised ASNZ Rules and Rules of Conduct, as well as Frequently Asked Questions of the new Membership grade and the Transition Procedures, as published in the NZ Acoustics Journal.

Membership Application

Affliate Application

Transition Procedures

Membership FAQs

Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Measures

ASNZ Rules